The Big Picture

Researcher and consultant
based at the University of California, San Francisco.

Expert in domains of consumer health, education, and finance.

Documented track record of increasing success rates
for doctors and patients,
educators and students,
and financial advisors and clients.

Jeff helped me gain clarity about a major decision-point in my life/health. He connected me with resources and clinical trial options. He is a compassionate scientist. I highly recommend working with Jeff.

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The Challenges

Critical Crossroads for Consumers
Whether it’s health, education, or finance,
when you come to a critical crossroad,
you can feel paralyzed by all the complexity.

In these domains, the stakes are high:
your money and your life.

Consumers face a blizzard of options,
and are bombarded with conflicting information.

So how do consumers navigate the most critical crossroads?

    • A serious illness or accident;
    • Developing your career or making a career change;
    • Earning, spending, and saving decisions that will shape your future.

Consumers need professionals who will guide them
to good decisions and better outcomes.

I have been at a very serious professional crossroads. Jeff was able to hone in on my specific challenges in identifying the right clients to benefit from my services. He helped me get back in touch with the parts of my job I love, while also helping to eliminate the stress inducing areas. Jeff is clearly a superior problem solver, and I very much recommend him.

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The Possibilities

Improving success rates for professionals and clients

Across health, education, and finance,
consumers rely on professionals to guide them to good decisions.

I have spent my entire career studying
how consumers and professionals can work together
to successfully navigate the most critical life decisions.

In health care, studies show my programs have been associated with
improved outcomes for both doctors and patients.

In education, studies show that my programs are associated with
improved student performance and career satisfaction.

In financial services, studies show my programs have been associated
with increased client satisfaction, retention, consolidation,
referrals, and revenue.

Don’t work with Jeff Belkora. It’s a real pain. Clients keep showing up. I’d really prefer if you didn’t work with him. – Russ Hill, Chairman and CEO, Halbert Hargrove Global Advisors

The firms I’ve worked with include:


The Way Forward

My coaching and consulting services
are for individuals and organizations
with an urgent need to succeed,
and who are ready to take action.

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