The Big Picture

Researcher and consultant
based at the University of California, San Francisco.

Help people at a personal or professional crossroad
achieve better outcomes with expert guidance.

Special focus on patients diagnosed with a serious illness,
and professionals with an urgent need to succeed.

Available to coach individuals directly,
or to consult for organizations.

Documented track record of increasing success rates
for doctors and their patients,
and financial advisors and their clients.

The Challenges

Individual coaching for patients
You’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness.
You are in shock. Your coping skills are under assault.
I help patients navigate all the complexity,
and find the right treatment for you,
based on your medical condition
and your personal goals and priorities.

Individual coaching for professionals
Life is not a dress rehearsal.
The stakes are very high,
you only get one shot,
and the clock is ticking.
In the face of all the pressure weighing on you,
you have an urgent need to succeed.
I help professionals find success
when time is of the essence.

The Possibilities

Consulting for health care organizations
Building on my patient education work at UCSF,
I work externally to help other health care organizations
improve patient experience and outcomes.
Studies show my programs have been associated with
increased patient satisfaction, engagement, and knowledge;
and reduced anxiety, distress, conflict, and regret.

Consulting for other professional service providers
Translating my client-centered approach to other domains,
I help professional service providers take a scientific approach
to growing the success of their practices.
Studies show my programs have been associated
with increased client attraction, enrollment, retention,
consolidation, referrals, and revenue.

The firms I’ve worked with include:


The Way Forward

My coaching and consulting services
are for people and organizations
with an urgent need to succeed,
and who are ready to take action.

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