The Big Picture

Researcher and consultant
based at the University of California, San Francisco.

Work with individuals at a crossroads in their lives,
and the professionals who serve them.

Improve experience and outcomes
for these clients and their expert advisors.

Special focus on health care and financial services.

The Challenges

Health care
You’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness.
You are in shock. Your coping skills are under assault.
And yet you need to cope right now, because
as a patient, you face two risks.
Either can be fatal.
You are at risk for being under-treated or over-treated.
I help patients work with the best experts
to find Goldilocks treatment.
Just right for you.

Financial services
Life is not a dress rehearsal: you only get one shot.
And now you realize you’re at a crossroad.
Navigating this is going to require
expert advice, planning, time, and money.
I help people navigate their crossroads
and work with expert advisors
to make good decisions
with better outcomes.

The Possibilities

Health care
I run a high-volume patient education program
at UCSF Medical Center.

We inform and involve patients in their care.

Informed and involved patients have better outcomes.

In delivering this program, I pioneered the use of workforce extenders
to make sure everyone is practicing at the top of their license.

Based on this experience,
I also work externally to help other health care organizations
improve patient experience and outcomes.

Financial Services
Doctors care for patients, advisors care for clients.
The dynamics are the same.
Clients are attracted to client-centered professionals.

Translating my work into financial services,
I have helped advisors attract hundreds of millions of dollars
in assets under management, in record time.

In my first public training program,
8 advisors added an average of $11 million AUM each in 10 weeks.

Since then, I have extended these results
as a consultant to small, medium, and large firms.

Advisors in my private-label programs:
increased their close rate from 22% to 48%;
increased consolidation rate from 26% to 37%;
and reduced their sales cycle from 15 weeks to 15 days.

The firms I’ve worked with include: