The Big Picture

Researcher and consultant
based at the University of California, San Francisco.

Help people stuck at a major life crossroad
break through to the other side
and find success with expert guidance.

If you are facing a health crisis in your family,
or neglecting your financial health,
or have stopped growing at work,
then you’re stuck at a crossroad
and you know you need help.

But where do you turn?
So many experts, so much conflicting information.
You can feel paralyzed even when you know
you need to take action.

I have cracked the code
on guiding people to good decisions
in high-stakes situations.

Documented track record of improving success rates
for doctors and patients,
for professionals and students,
and for financial advisors and clients.

So if you are stuck at a crossroad
related to your health, wealth, or professional growth,
contact me for expert guidance to see you through.

The Possibilities

Health Crossroad?

“Jeff helped me gain clarity about a major decision-point in my life/health. He connected me with resources and clinical trial options. He helped me to sharpen my questions  which provided me with more clarity. He is a compassionate scientist. I highly recommend working with Jeff.

Improving success rates for doctors and patients

I understand that patients face complex treatment choices,
and you are bombarded with conflicting information.
On top of that, our insurance plans and clinics are a maze,
a rabbit hole of telephone trees that can lead you to despair.

You need a guide you can trust
to simplify the path forward,
and get the right treatment for you.

Studies show my patient support program at UCSF
is associated with better treatment choices and outcomes,
better patient experience,
and higher professional performance and satisfaction.

Based on lessons learned at UCSF,
I consult externally to help doctors and patients anywhere
experience better outcomes and better care.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

Professional Crossroad?

“I have been at a very serious professional crossroads. Jeff was able to hone in on my specific challenges in identifying the right clients to benefit from my services. He helped me get back in touch with the parts of my job I love, while also helping to eliminate the stress inducing areas. Jeff is clearly a superior problem solver, and I very much recommend him.

Improving success rates for professionals and students

I understand that professionals feel tremendous pressure
to succeed in their careers.
You typically have many people, and many years,
invested in your success.
You’ve jumped through hoops and paid your dues.
But what do you do if you feel stuck in your current position?

You need a guide you can trust
to help you jump the tracks
and enjoy success on your terms, not anyone else’s.

Studies show that my mentoring approach at UCSF
is associated with improved professional performance and satisfaction.

Based on this experience, I consult externally
to help professionals at all stages of development
jump the tracks and enjoy the career of your dreams.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

Financial Crossroad?

“It’s refreshing to talk to a results oriented mentor, vs the traditional industry gurus who rarely have anything practical to say or tangible to implement. Its worth your time to connect with Jeff.

Improving success rates for financial advisors and clients

I understand that people worry about their financial future,
and yet can feel paralyzed by all the complexity.
Similar to health care, we all face a blizzard of options,
we’re bombarded with conflicting information,
and a maze of institutions that add to the confusion.

You need a guide you can trust
to help you surf on the sea of success
instead of drowning in waves of worry.

In the financial sector, studies show my programs
have been associated with improved client experience,
and increased client satisfaction.
For advisors, this translates into new client attraction;
and increased client retention, consolidation, and referrals.

Based on this experience, I consult externally
to help advisors and clients take a scientific approach
to securing the future.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

The firms I’ve worked with include:

The Way Forward

My coaching and consulting services
are for individuals and organizations
with an urgent need to succeed,
and who are ready to take action.

Contact me to discuss next steps.

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